For what size events can you provide floristry?
  • I can provide floristry for events of all sizes.  Call to discuss your event, and we'll get into specifics.
Do you provide vases and containers?
  • I can purchase containers wholesale from my supplier, or we can rent them from a party rental company.
Do you provide delivery?
  • Of course.  Delivery and setup are included with all packages for a small fee.  You may also choose to pick up your order.
Can you create a replica of an arrangement I saw in a picture online or in a magazine?
  • Frequently I can, but please keep in mind that these photographs are professionally lit and photographed, filtered and often heavily photoshopped.  Since flowers are living things, there will always be some natural variations.  This is part of the beauty of fresh flowers!
I love the look of expensive flowers, but my budget is small.  Can you help me?
  • I can always offer substitutions of less expensive flowers that have a similar look, or suggest ways to use pricier stems more sparingly to keep the cost down.  
I have an idea of what I want, but I'm not sure yet.  Can you help me choose a look?
  • Yes.  It's helpful if you have something in mind - be it varieties of flowers, colors or style.  I have a worksheet that can aid you in narrowing down your preferences, and we can talk about what will work for your event and budget.
Where are you located?
  • I'm in Camarillo.
I'm thinking of doing my own centerpieces, but I want a few items made.  Can you help me?
  • Yes.  
I saw a website that sells flowers at wholesale prices.  Is this a good deal?
  • Usually not.  I can often obtain the flowers and do all of the work for less than you would spend on unprepped stems from a website.  Not only that - you never know what's going to arrive on your doorstep the day before your wedding when you order online.  Things may not be in great shape, or may not be the correct shade.  You may have underestimated what you'd need and come up short.  And who wants to be doing the floral work the night before her wedding?  I personally go to pick up my flowers and only bring back fresh stems of excellent quality, and I prep them all myself.  On the day of your event, I show up with your order in excellent condition.